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Derek Barrett

Member since: September 02, 2010

Derek is a qualified Wedding & Social Photographer for the Milton Keynes area. Awarded a Licentiate in Photography by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP), Derek continues to reinforce the SWPP accreditation by attending many training courses and seminars in the UK and worldwide to enhance the skills that he uses to achieve such outstanding images.

He has been a serious amateur photographer since school and, whilst pursuing a career in advanced electronics and guided missile technology all over the world, he always had a camera with him and usually became the “unofficial” photographer for whichever organisations he was with at the time. This lead to a wide variety of assignments; including aerial photography in the jungles of Borneo, staff portraits, weddings and social events.

After being made redundant, Derek set up his own photography business, mainly covering local weddings and some commercial work