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Submitted on August 19, 2010

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Harry Hinterseher

How did u do the water effect?

Posted 11 years ago   

chingpang photography  

The model had to put her hair in the water and pull it backwards, had to do several shot to get the model and water in right position...

Posted 11 years ago   


realmente muy bueno !

Posted 11 years ago   

Michał Lis

I like it.

Posted 11 years ago   

Andrew Balongo Opere

Three thumbs up!

Posted 11 years ago   

baher ameen

great composition.. well done.

Posted 11 years ago   

Khalid Akhtar

Well done i like it.

Posted 10 years ago   

Sameer Mughal

one of the best from this website!! *thumbs up*

Posted 10 years ago   

Hard Man

Outstanding shot, nice light set, smooth sexy feeling, thanks for sharing. great editing, love it.

Posted 10 years ago   

1/100 sec.


ISO: 400

Focal Length

18 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 50D

Lights Used

Shoot Thru Umbrella
Brolly Umbrella



Additional Notes

Assistant with handheld flash at left corner/ behind the model, pointed at the splashing waterdroplets for giving more effect.

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