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Submitted on August 01, 2010

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Jānis Lanka

Love it and just noticed her tattoo which makes her character so much greater!

Question: did you face the strobes towards their wall or the center of the photo?

Posted 9 years ago   

Frederik Bisbjerg  

The strobes are both faced towards the wall behind her - both fired @1/2 power

Posted 9 years ago   

me hello

This Is a killer photo.

Posted 9 years ago   

Kewk D

Just an FYI it was very difficult to actually see the front strobe in the diagram because it's stacked on the camera. I had been trying to figure out where the light was coming from until I saw that >_

Posted 9 years ago   

Tomasz Nowicki

Great photo, amazing setup!

Posted 9 years ago   

Jason Pound

Great image and location. The specular strobe is a perfect compliment to the harsh light coming in from the background.

Posted 9 years ago   

Peter Reefe Kováč

absolute simple and wonderfull about impact!

Posted 9 years ago   

Quirico Evangelista

Excellent photo!! The lighting, and capture are spot on. The model too. Is this a storage depot? Been hoping to do something like this. Did you have to get permission?

Posted 8 years ago   

1/200 sec.


ISO: 200

Focal Length

40 mm

Exposure Bias




Lights Used




Additional Notes

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