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Submitted on March 17, 2011

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Kate Grauer

Brilliant soft lighting. Any touch-ups in PS?

Posted 11 years ago   

Andy Rodriguez  

Very minimal post work in Lightroom.

Posted 11 years ago   

Peter Prazenka

Beautiful shot, excellent lighting

Posted 11 years ago   

Jouwell Elhadj

very cool and clever
and the model looks amazing

Posted 11 years ago   

Silvino Diaz

wow grat shot. Love the light..

Posted 11 years ago   

Doug Pruden

Great setup. Very soft lighting. I am equally impressed with your ability to get a beautiful woman to undress in your garage!

Very nice photo.

Posted 11 years ago   

Marcus Grip

really nice, as already said, but am I the only one noticing how her right hand is kinda blowned out on the edges which makes it looks like it's cut out or just floating? just a thing i noticed but regarding the rest of the pose and the lighting its nice!

Posted 11 years ago   

Andy Rodriguez  

@Doug, She's my girl so it wasn't that difficult. :)

Posted 11 years ago   

Martin Liew

Beautiful and sexy. :)

Posted 10 years ago   

1/80 sec.


ISO: 640

Focal Length

30 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 50D

Lights Used

Shoot Thru Umbrella
Beauty Dish



Additional Notes

580 ex, shoot through umbrella directly behind the subject. at 1/2
580 ex, beauty dish, camera left at 1/8
Pocket Wizards

Also, the beauty dish I used was one I made with an 18" mixing bowl, pizza tray, and some white spray paint,

This was in impromptu shoot that I setup in my garage. Simple 2 light setup with a white linen sheet between the model and the back light giving it the "glowing" effect.

Think tank photo

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