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Submitted on February 18, 2011

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Peter Prazenka

Nothing to say, excellent.

Posted 11 years ago   

Hilgard Muller  

I am new here. Still trying to get familiar with this site. I was invited to join and think its cool.

Posted 11 years ago   

Filip Modify

WOWWW...i really LIKE IT...dynamic nice sexy PHOTO :)))

Posted 11 years ago   

Michał Lis

amazing! great location, simple yet effective lighting, great use of wide-anlge and beautiful model!thanks for sharing!

Posted 11 years ago   

Michal Petrík

Excellent shot and thanks for video :)

Posted 11 years ago   

Detlef Koertge

Very nice swimsuit work. Like the perspective and the balance between the sun and the strobe. Thanks for the video too.

Posted 11 years ago   

Hilgard Muller  

Thanks for all the kind words!

Posted 11 years ago   

Polyanin Roman

Нереальное фото! Очень сильно!

Posted 11 years ago   

Yuri Hahhalev

i like everything in this photo:
well chosen location,
gorgeous model,
nicely lit!
GREAT JOB, Hilgar!!

Posted 11 years ago   

Stephane Poirier


Posted 11 years ago   

BRETTE Stephane

Thank you ! ;)

Posted 11 years ago   

Fırat Odabaşı

Best picture, excellent lighting, perfect model, super set-up.

Posted 10 years ago   

Roman Prošek

beautiful light and your work !!

Posted 6 years ago   

1/250 sec.


ISO: 200

Focal Length

24 mm

Exposure Bias




Lights Used




Additional Notes

For a video of this shoot you can go here -
I shot this with the sun directly behind the model. I was using an AB1600 through a 36 softbox at half power.

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