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Submitted on February 04, 2011

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Stephen Alvarado

Awesome shot! I have a technical question, I configured my Canon 7D to Av mode. To achieve a good amount of details (f5-f8), my ISO is set high (1000-2000) but very noisy. Do you have any tips??

Posted 9 years ago   

Raymond Wong  

Many thanks for your comment and glad you like image. There many factors to your question depending on what you are shooting.
As a starting point:
1) Refer to your in-camera noise reduction feature. Menu>C.FnII:image>High ISO speed Noise Reduction. A strong noise reduction will reduce the noise levels, but will slow down your capture rate.
2) The quality of your lens. There are specialised Canon lens available (IS lenses range with a red ring), which would help, but cost a fortune.
3) Consider the distance and arrangement of your subject(s). This is more about controlling your Depth of Field (DOF), which will allow you to use wider F/Stops like F/3.5 (which gets more light into the camera and reduce noise).

The Canon 7D has 16x24mm sensor, so its not quite a full frame 35mm sensor. Compared to a 35mm sensor your 7D has lost about 1/3 in image capturing capabilities.

I always use manual, but my personal way of dealing with high noise levels is:
1) To use the a strong in-camera noise reduction feature.
2) Use wide aperture settings (F/3.5), low shutter speeds for more light to lower the ISO, (which I would often have to re-compose the shot).
3) I do selective de-noise in post-production (which takes a bit of time).

The key is to lower the ISO for cleaner shots. The best investment to get great images, is to get a Flashgun.
I have a Yong Nuo speedlite YN-468 (e-bay), which is a alternative to the Canon 480EX, expect it's cheaper and works wonders.

Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to ask more questions.

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Stephen Alvarado

Wow! I will definitely follow your advice :) Great tips! I will switch from AV to Manual mode.

My worry is losing the facial details with an f/3.5 configuration. When I use this f/3.5 some of the facial features are blurred out in certain areas (DOF).This is something I am trying to avoid. I usually would like a range at f/5.6.

Notes: I have three lenses: 24-70mm, 85mm (portrait lens), 55 mm f1.2.
I probably will invest in a Canon 580EX II in the near future.

Thank you.

Posted 9 years ago   

Raymond Wong  

No problem. If you need further help. Feel free to contact on:


Facebook (RayWongCreatives):

Happy shooting.

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Ville Karas

Did you not illuminate the background in any way? From what I can see, the placement diagram is identical in all of your photos featuring her as the model, but I don't quite see how you could have taken all of these photos with the exact same studio setup...

Posted 9 years ago   

Raymond Wong  

Yeah of course, there is a strobe with a color gel aimed at the background in the diagram. One softbox (1/2 Rembarnt, 1/2 butterfly setup) and one hair light for the model.
As for the other images it is correct. It was done with the same setup (different metering). All the lighting was above the model. As long as I had the modelling lamp on. I could move the model around or myself to see what looks good before taking the shots.

The different effects on images are done in editing (my own presets) such as S-Curve-vignette, Bleach Bybass, Dream and Saturated sephia.

I usually find it best to get as many different shots with one setup before moving on. As it saves time and cost on models, studio time and etc.
Rather get the shot, otherwise it would be more difficult to re-create again later and sometimes the best results come when you don't plan it (call it gambling).

I hope this clears things up a bit.

Posted 9 years ago   

Ville Karas

Ah, it seems I was distracted since on my screen it looks like the gel strobe is directed towards the model...

Posted 9 years ago   

1/125 sec.


ISO: 100

Focal Length

18 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 50D

Lights Used




Additional Notes

Butterfly lighting from above to gain a moody and glamour look.
Edited in Aperture 3, taking down the saturation and putting extra expsoure in the midtone areas.

(More to come) View the image set at:

Credits to model: Sam Pendry
www.modelmayhem.com - MM #1817072

Feel free to ask any questions.

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