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Submitted on January 18, 2011

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Rychi Rychardés Ryšánek

Nice.!!! But why the seam on left hand is not retouched..?

Posted 10 years ago   

Igor Stetsenko  

2 Rychi Rychardés Ryšánek: thx. This was done on purpose. Like to leave in people is what they really are.

Posted 10 years ago   

Rychi Rychardés Ryšánek

Yea. I understand. I like this monochrome conversion.)

Posted 10 years ago   

Peter Prazenka

Nice shot, great conversion B&W, but the pose looks little bit strange for me. Anyway good portrait.

Posted 10 years ago   

Igor Stetsenko  

2 Peter Prazenka, Rychi Rychardés Ryšánek: thx guys :)

Posted 10 years ago   

Raymond Wong

Agreed. Nice portrait. Just the cropping of her right arm and hand is a bit odd for me. I am just wondering how there is shadow on the left side of her hair (looking at the diagram and setup)? Godd work though.

Posted 10 years ago   



ISO: 320

Focal Length


Exposure Bias

-1/3 EV


Nikon D3

Lights Used




Additional Notes

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