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Submitted on January 03, 2011

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Peter Prazenka

Beautiful sexi portraiture, good lighting, nice setup.
Girl is looks like very nice, soft skin, nice hair, but the shirt looks too chip.
overall very good.

Posted 11 years ago   

Mikael Andersson  

Thanx mate! All I can say about the "dress code" in this picture is that we wanted to keep it simple, lika an everyday outfit. Naturaly clothing makes a big difference in a picture, and that is kinda why we didn´t use anything fancy,. Low key clothing, more focus on the model=)

Posted 11 years ago   

IVOlution !!!

Great shot...love the light and the expression!

Posted 11 years ago   

Edward Fawzy

very nice

Posted 11 years ago   

1/250 sec.


ISO: 100

Focal Length

50 mm

Exposure Bias



FinePix S5Pro

Lights Used




Additional Notes

Shot this with a cupple of Interfit 600 flashes,. One to theleft of the model, with a softbox. to the right of the model I had a small white reflector to soften up the shadows just a little bit. Back, right side of the model I had one flash with a snoot and grid, to highlight the hair a litte and to make a smal lightline one the backside of her face.

Then made some adjustments in lightroom, and then som retuch in photoshop. And yes, I added lensflare in photoshop..

Hope u like it!


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