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Submitted on November 29, 2010

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Mike Sampson

Great job on the shot, I really like the lighting! Can you describe how you balanced the ambient and flash? What was the time of day?

Posted 9 years ago   

IVOlution !!!

Nice one. How did you sync all of them? What triggers did you use?

Posted 9 years ago   

Chad Sexton  

Sorry for getting back so late but the time of day was sunset. It was about 30min before sundown. And to balance the flash with the ambient all I did was set my shutter speed at 1/250 because thats my max sync speed and I played with the aperture until I got the light from the sun that i was looking for. I then just powered up and down my flashes until they were hitting f/5.

To trigger them all I was using cybersyncs

Posted 9 years ago   

1/250 sec.


ISO: 200

Focal Length

28 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 50D

Lights Used

Natural Light



Additional Notes

4 flashes were used in a home made softbox:
2 canon 430ex
1 canon 580ex
1 285
orbis™ contest

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