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Submitted on October 31, 2016

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Petr Kolman

I like it. Great idea.

Posted 4 years ago   

Fulvio Massimo Villa  

Thank you, Petr. I was inspired by the "TAO philosophy" (you know: Yin and Yang, or Good and Evil...). I was born under the Gemini sign and so I wanted that my personal portrait could talk about the contrasts that are in my soul.

Posted 4 years ago   

Petr Kolman

Thank you for your comment, i appreciate it. The thought i feel from your photo is the same, like you wrote. Contrast in our soul. I like the way you chose to express this thought. (sorry for my english)

Posted 4 years ago   

1/125 sec.


ISO: 200

Focal Length

105 mm

Exposure Bias




Lights Used





Additional Notes

For a personal publication, I took this portrait of me. I put a mannequin in front of the camera (which was on its tripod), in order to acquire the right focus and adjust the frame. Then I remove the mannequin and put myself in position with a remote firing control to take the shot.

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