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Submitted on November 04, 2014

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Troy Diehl

love the concept and picture. Well done!

Posted 5 years ago   

Matayo Soixante Quatorze

Great composition!

Posted 5 years ago   

1/125 sec.


ISO: 200

Focal Length

26 mm

Exposure Bias




Lights Used




Additional Notes

I had been looking for a ghost bride idea since some years ago but I had not found the right models and place ... until two years ago, when I could make it real.
So, this picture is a bit creepy but very romantic: he remembers her and she cares for him after dead... I like the pictures dominated emotions, so I think with this one I got what I wanted.
To get the ghost effect I took two shots using a tripod for the camera and a softbox 60x60 at 45º right to them:

- one picture with bride and groom
- one picture only with groom (he actually stood still!)

So I adjusted raw to get the same white balance on both photos and exposure.
Finally, I opened both pictures on photoshop, each one on a layer:

- top layer with bride and groom using an opacity of 39%
- bottom layer only with groom

I used a mask on top layer so I painted over the bride: she looks like a ghost because the background is the same for both photos and there is a low opacitiy on the layer.
You can see the two layers here (there are more layers of postprocessing):

- Top layer:
- Bottom layer:

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