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Submitted on October 29, 2014

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Midi K Torres

wow really nice, actually im shooting guitarists and this is a really cool inspirational photo ;)

Posted 7 years ago   

Ognyan Dimitrov  

Thanks ! I wish you good luck !

Posted 7 years ago   

Josu Varela

Very nice, I like it

Posted 7 years ago   


f 3.5

ISO: 800

Focal Length

130 mm

Exposure Bias



Nikon D610

Lights Used

Brolly Umbrella
Regular Flash



Additional Notes

The location of the shoot was a dark bar and there wasn't anything really interesting detail to shoot so in order to improve a little bit the background I decided to put two more flashes with gels but I didn't want to bring too much light in the scene. I've used everything that I could find as a props so I can add more detail to the photo and thus to make it more interesting. The face is lit by a 110 cm broli-box and there is another bare flash behind the subject. I'm not using names and brands because you can do that with every flash available to you.



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