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Submitted on September 07, 2014

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1/5 sec.


ISO: 200

Focal Length

78 mm

Exposure Bias




Lights Used




Additional Notes

***Marketa Belonoha Nude Shoot: Beginner’s Luck***

This set represents the third nude photo shoot in my career as a nude photographer, which was done at my home studio in Prague 2005.

**No Concept, Great Body**
As I previously mentioned, during this period my concepts were quite weak and this photo shoot made that all too clear to me. There was no storytelling, no emotions, no seduction, however the lighting was not bad. Just a great face and body (I’m not complaining).

It is Ikea and Marketa and me – in this order.

Wanting to be different, I choose to plaster Marketa in make-up for this shoot, because most photographers were taking very natural, simple shots of her then.

**Tech-Sheet: Lighting & Settings**

- 3x 400 Ws Monoblocs
- Key light: as a key, I used a generic 60x80cm (24×31.5″) softbox from front left
- Background light points directly to the model, shining through the Ikea shelf.
- Modifier: generic square softbox 80x100cm (31.5×40″)
- Volume light: bouncing a head with a standard reflector towards the wall left behind the model
- Camera: Nikon D100 (!)
- Lens: 28-85mm, @78mm
- White Balance: 5100K
- F-stop: 8
- Shutter: 1/15
- ISO: 200

**The Good:**
- Lighting
- Model (more than OK)

**The Unpleasant:**
- Storytelling
- Lack of posing & expressions

**The Matter of Taste:**
- Make-up

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