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Submitted on March 04, 2014

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Tom Lim

Is the warm light on the right side coming through the window?

Posted 5 years ago   

Łukasz Chudek

Tom >> ventanal=window :)

Posted 5 years ago   

Aarón S. Ramos  

Hi Tom.
Yes, it's a huge semicircular open courtyard with a large staircase that leads to the two main entrances

Posted 4 years ago   

1/100 sec.


ISO: 640

Focal Length

50 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 7D

Lights Used

Natural Light
Shoot Thru Umbrella



Additional Notes

Retrato a Carlos Pérez, baterista.

Retrato de promoción para el baterista Carlos Pérez. Músico profesional, miembro de Alex Altamirano and The Purple Band.

Foto y edición: aaronSramos
Modelo: Carlos Pérez.
Agradecimientos: Aguere Cultural

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