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Submitted on September 14, 2013

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Abdul Samet Tozar

Icredible! Wow! How do you make the motion with a deatailed model? Did u make a composition photo? Like one with the model alone and one with moving with the scenery? Thx in advence for your answer!

Posted 8 years ago   

Sergey Ivanchenko  

in 0.3 seconds you move the camera by hand;
pulse short flash illuminates only the model, and it remains in the field;
in contrast to the background, which comes after 0.3 seconds to blur (motion)

Posted 8 years ago   

Anton Dimov

Very nice! :)

Posted 8 years ago   

Gustavo Elias

Woww amazing !!!
2nd curtain right ?? but how do you do with off camera flash 2nd curtain ??

Posted 8 years ago   

布拉 瑞陽


Posted 7 years ago   

1/ 0,3 seс


ISO: 100

Focal Length

17 mm

Exposure Bias



Lights Used

Beauty Dish



Additional Notes

see all of the shots here:

"night lights"
model: liza@art-podium
make-up: bagatchenko elena
style: kukota veronika

fashion story for openmarket & thetrend

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