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Submitted on June 19, 2013

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Paolo Cervesato

Splendid and magnificent

Posted 7 years ago   

Ivan Bertolin Peña

I'm with Paolo, magnificent work. Very worked the scene! congratulations for photography

Posted 7 years ago   

Trompie Van Der Berg  

Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Posted 7 years ago   

Sameer Mughal

Great stuff... A picture is worth when it's difficult to get the eye off... Like this one!

Posted 7 years ago   

Trompie Van Der Berg  

Thanks Sameer, you are too kind!

Posted 7 years ago   

Cristo Bolaños

It's a very good shot and you archieved an outstanding work using B&W

Posted 7 years ago   

1/200 sec.


ISO: 50

Focal Length

70 mm

Exposure Bias




Lights Used

Natural Light



Additional Notes

Image was taken at a wedding in midday South African sun. I used three SB-900's together from the same spot, shot at 1/2 power each. I wanted to maintain shallow depth of field so I used a 2-8 stop var-nd filter, stopped down to 6-stops. Glashes where about 5 feet away. Sun was used as back/rim light. No modifiers used.

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