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Submitted on June 05, 2013

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Dominik Matyas

Why so high ISO?

Posted 8 years ago   

Krzysztof Marciniak

maybe to catch the ambient light?

Posted 8 years ago   

Mauricio César Oliveira

I don't really see why use 1/1000...the model is completely still, lower shutter speed would allow to use a much lower ISO. But great shot anyways =]

Posted 8 years ago   

1/1000 sec.


ISO: 3200

Focal Length

82 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 6D

Lights Used

Natural Light
Shoot Thru Umbrella



Additional Notes

most of thre light the sun (octabox)
and 1/132 of shoot thru umbrella

is he comming

EOS 6d-1 / 4399
mei 2013 - 42
model - Rebecca
mua - Romée de Mooij
styling - Nadia Kartner & Tessa Brands
by - Rob Boehle
location - Kasteelshoot, Malle (Bèls)

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