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Submitted on October 11, 2010

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Jānis Lanka

This is brilliant! Your setup pretty sweet...

Posted 9 years ago   

Lelaki JaLank


Posted 9 years ago   

Aarón S. Ramos Rguez.


Nice shot, I like it!

Great job Lukasz

Posted 9 years ago   

Infocus Foto Studio

i love u !! excelent work and the diagram shoot. one question, is a driving shoot ??? or the lights are light painting made ???

Posted 9 years ago   

Lukasz Piech  

there is no photoshop in here. the car is driving at 10km/h

Posted 9 years ago   

IVOlution !!!

GREAT STUFF!!! Thank you for sharing! May I ask what Phottix trigger did you use..Mine gives me trubles when I have "objects" in between :/

Posted 9 years ago   

Lukasz Piech  

this was tetra i think or something simmilar. now i use YN602

Posted 9 years ago   

Laurent Ho

Amazing setup, I assume the camera was outside the car near the windscreen? Don't mind if I feature this photo on

Posted 9 years ago   

Shulamit Bushinsky

Amaing Idea!!

Posted 9 years ago   

Peter Reefe Kováč

great combination maan!

Posted 9 years ago   

Lukasz Piech  

the camera with fisheye was on the front window :) Not all all - publish if you like it :)

Posted 9 years ago   

Leon Harita

Great Shot.
I just wondering how many flashes that you use?
Where is the blue, red and green light came from?

Posted 9 years ago   

Rich Helmer

This is AWESOME!!!

Posted 8 years ago   

Omri Rechani

COOL STUFF ! thanks for sharing. awesome setup

Posted 8 years ago   

Michał Wojtkowski

Great idea and effect!
Did you use 2nd curtain sync?
Or it doesn't matter when interior of the car is so dark?

Posted 6 years ago   

5/1 sec.


ISO: 320

Focal Length

50 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Lights Used

Natural Light



Additional Notes

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