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Submitted on April 16, 2013

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1/90 sec.


ISO: 100

Focal Length

85 mm

Exposure Bias



50D Canon

Lights Used

Regular Flash
Bounce Umbrella



Additional Notes

Spontaneous shoot made last year during severe snowstorm. When it stopped snowing, we noticed interesting scrubs, and I immediately saw this fiery image in my mind’s eye. Before we set up the equipment, it started to get dark so we had to hurry. All flash units were set to maximum power. There was just the two of us, and several times the umbrella nearly collapsed because of the wind. I took about 20 pictures before the snowstorm returned, unfortunately. I chose the one that shows delicate snow and strong, red color.

On the left side I used the YongNuo YN-568Ex flash with an orange filter and an umbrella situated at a distance of 1m from the model. It was slowly getting dark, so I placed YongNuo YN-568Ex with a red filter behind the model’s back. The lamp behind her was directed upwards, at an angle of 45° aiming up towards her, so that the jacket’s color could reflect on the bushes and simultaneously highlight its edges, while slightly revealing falling snowflakes.

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