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Submitted on February 08, 2013

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Matt Lucas

If you only used a beauty dish where did the highlight on the side of her face come from?

Posted 8 years ago   

Kuba Sak

that's true, be honest man :)

Posted 8 years ago   

Eray Guner

Nice work but no information :( makes us wonder if its really your work?

Posted 8 years ago   

Dominik Urbanowicz  

sry guys that was made back in september 2012 i now i had a BD jeah but here i used some side light just do not remember set uo but i want to share my work with you

Posted 8 years ago   

Dominik Urbanowicz  

to you Eray I will uploud more of Vera (model) photos just lagging in post those pictures are mine and i will fight to death with anyone questioning that

Posted 8 years ago   

Dominik Urbanowicz  

Matt you are right i did nnot included flash or softbox as dide lights just did not think much about puting diagram together sorry for that

Posted 8 years ago   

Eray Guner

I just want to make sure uploading original images here. I didn't want to offend your work or in person. Excellent work!

Posted 8 years ago   

1/160 sec.


ISO: 100

Focal Length

73 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Lights Used

Beauty Dish



Additional Notes

15 words are necessary but I have nothing to write about so I write about necessarry 15 words . btw peace and love to you all

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