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Submitted on January 27, 2013

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Yuri Hahhalev  

larger versions of diagram and BTS pic on flickr:

Posted 8 years ago   

Safa Daneshvar

Great job !!! Excellent !

Posted 8 years ago   

Doron Letzter

Great work!

Posted 8 years ago   

Jānis Lanka

What kind of Photoshop work has been done here?

Posted 8 years ago   

Yuri Hahhalev  

Jānis Lanka, just usual retouching and bw toning

Posted 8 years ago   

Mark Devillier

Awesome work! ... What name brand lights are 2 & 3?

Posted 8 years ago   

Wash Ca

buen trabajo!!

Posted 8 years ago   

Yuri Hahhalev  

Mark Devillier, all lights are elinchrom lights, 2 large strips are 40x180cm walimex stripboxes

Posted 8 years ago   

Mark Devillier

Thank you very much ... keep up the great work.

Posted 8 years ago   

Favre Matthieu

Great lighting!!!

Posted 8 years ago   

Lennarth Sundberg

Very nice lightning work, impressive

Posted 8 years ago   



ISO: 100

Focal Length


Exposure Bias



Lights Used




Additional Notes

1- small gridded sripbox from above as a key light
2 and 3 - large stripboxes for rims
4 and 5 - small softboxes pointing downwards to reflective plastic on the floor for fill.
6 and 7 - softboxes for balancing the background.

all lights are elinchrom units.

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