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Submitted on January 22, 2013

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Jānis Lanka

Really great colors and matching. Did you add the bokeh effect in the background via PhotoShop?

Posted 6 years ago   

Paul Monaghan

I could be wrong Jānis Lanka but the bokeh seem's added in post as if it was from the lens it changes shape from the centre of the frame to the edge generally being circle in the middle and start to cats eye (sometimes very badly on some lens) close to the edge.

Posted 6 years ago   


At f/9 you don't get that shape in the bokeh.

Posted 6 years ago   

Paul Monaghan

That's also true Ale_Quero, I didn't look at the exif just the image. Silly me.

Posted 6 years ago   

1/125 sec.


ISO: 100

Focal Length

78 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 7D

Lights Used




Additional Notes

I´m learning Make úp and I decided make this sesion with a friend Called like me : Laura,,and it´s the resultation..I hope you like!

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