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James Yu  |  View Profile

Submitted on November 22, 2012

4 Comments | Favored by 67 | Views 59


Bassam Alharbi


Posted 2 years ago   

Duncan Hills

took the words out of my mouth!

Posted 2 years ago   

Johan Vorsterman van Oijen


Spot on. I like the lighting & processing of this picture. Is this with a continous studio light?

Posted 2 years ago   

James Yu  

This is use studio light

Posted 2 years ago   



ISO: 100

Focal Length


Exposure Bias



5d mark iii

Lights Used

Strip Softbox



Additional Notes

Model: Kitty Reid

Mayhem #2172585

MUA: Miki Makeup Studio

Location: Adelaide So Studio

U2 1100w studio light with C stand

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