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Submitted on September 19, 2010

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Jānis Lanka

You get spoiled by all those lights you have!

Posted 9 years ago   

John Einselen  

They're super cheap compact fluorescents I bought from Lowe's, installed in even-cheaper aluminium clamp mounts! I'd love actual equipment, but this is what I have to play with (continuous lighting so I can do both photo and video).

Posted 9 years ago   

Ali Bahman

lots of light but great combination and effect. it would give a spectacular light quality for a video try i think.

Posted 9 years ago   



ISO: 400

Focal Length


Exposure Bias




Lights Used

Flood Light



Additional Notes

Interior lighting test with the Canon-Bronica lens adapter and my Zenzanon PE 75mm lens set at f2.8, 1/250, 400iso (I completely forgot to change back to 100iso before I started shooting...I'm an idiot). Focus was manually set at 1.1m, with multiple shots to ensure correct focal plane (self portraits can be a bit tricky with such shallow depth of field and no auto focus!).

Lighting consisted of four CFLs in the background (two 200w aimed across the background, two 100w higher up and pointing towards the subject), two CFLs above the camera (100w each, single snoot with an opening in a figure eight or horizontal hourglass shape), and two CFLs below camera (aimed through a double pane of diffusion plastic, but far enough apart to give two distinct catchlights).

Camera trigger was a cheap RF remote off eBay, but allowed four frame bursts and focus confirm beeps. The camera was also tethered to a MacBook Pro using DSLR Remote on my iPhone to provided mobile review/confirm.

Minor retouching and contrast/colours handled in Photoshop. Red and yellow hues were compressed to a midrange, resulting in flatter rendition and a slightly greenish/retro patina. I ended up liking the effect and keeping it.

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