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Submitted on September 17, 2010

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Dont understand the diagram, did u use a black card to cover the softbox ???? and the 2 black cards next to camera ???? and last... how did u get those red stripes at the bottom of the bottle
good shoot

Posted 9 years ago   

Damon S. Cowart  

Thanks for the comment! I meant to put an explanation in the addition notes. I will do that now!

Posted 9 years ago   

1/125 sec.


ISO: 800

Focal Length

100 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Lights Used




Additional Notes

There was a black card blocking most of the softbox, it allowed only a little light to come through around the edges. The other two cards block the rest of the light from flaring the lens. The decanter has a concave bottom that refracted the light to make the lines.

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