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Submitted on September 10, 2010

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IVOlution !!!

Nice one..and I agree, it is a portrait...the face tells alot here. Cheers!

Posted 11 years ago   

Chris Jackson

very cool!!!!!!!!

Posted 11 years ago   

Emanuel Brunson


Posted 11 years ago   

Favre Matthieu

Great action shot!
And the B&W is optimal!
But you should say to your model that it is easier to "seat" on the satle of the bike to ride...
(Ok I am already out...)

Posted 8 years ago   



ISO: 160

Focal Length


Exposure Bias



Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Lights Used




Additional Notes

I suppose Portrait doesn't exactly fit, but seeing as the rider's face is an important part of this picture without which it would lose some of its impact, I believe it's the best fitting category.
As for the lighting diagram, I tried to recreate the setting with the brick walls... Some notes on the setup: I had two Quadra packs, on camera left, high above but close to the rider, I shot it through a 1m Octobox, a few meters to the right, along the wall that was directly behind me, I put the other one on the ground, with the standard reflector.
The original reason for me putting it on the ground was that I had forgotten my second light stand. In retrospect though, I was actually fortunate that I forgot it, since the shadow created by the octobox would have been canceled out by some amount, had I mounted the second head on a stand.
The place we were shooting at was still bright enough for the rider to see where he was going but also dark enough for the ambient light not to mess too much with my exposure. Just enough of it to have some nice dark sky.
The area and the subject didn't really allow for crouching and composing, as my back was practically touching the wall and the subject was moving in circles, I had to blindly frame and take the shot. Took quite a few misses, a bunch were nicely framed and this one's the best of the bunch, I guess.
Hope you like it.

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