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Submitted on January 24, 2012

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Petr Rumpertesz

Good job. I don't understand reason for so high ISO sensitivity.

Posted 10 years ago   

Mickey Red Welsh  

To be totally honest about the high ISO.....i had a brainfart and forgot to set the ISO to the correct one. Realized it after the shoot and just could have kicked myself!

Posted 10 years ago   

Stefan Tangen

Nice shot.... yeah that have happend to me too! It was quite annoying.. cause at the time I couldnt figure out why the photos were totally overexposed. I started to turn down the power of the flashes and ruined half of the photo session.

Posted 10 years ago   

Christopher Stewart

You can be forgiven for messing up camera settings while Liz Ashley is in front of your camera:P

Posted 10 years ago   

1/200 sec.


ISO: 1600

Focal Length

21 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 20D

Lights Used

Natural Light
Bounce Umbrella



Additional Notes

Model is Liz Ashley from Houston, Tx. Canon 20d with 18-55IS lens. Cactus flash trigger. 580 exII flash on stand and bounced into white umbrella. Light sunlight coming in thru window behind her. Flash in manual mode at 1/64 power.
This photo is for the Black Rapid contest. Enjoy everyone!

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