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Submitted on January 05, 2012

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Jakub Wysocki

good portrait, nice light!

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Gus Munoz

Cool az bro ! I like.

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Paul Samaniego

nice job

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Tom Lim

Great notes!

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1/125 sec.


ISO: 100

Focal Length

85 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Lights Used

Natural Light



Additional Notes

This shot was taken as part of an assignment for a photography class I attended. As part of the assignment you had to introduce yourself, explain what you wanted to do, setup the shot, interact with the subjects and let them go on about their day. The main goal was to get you, the photographer comfortable about approaching complete strangers and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

It’s a great exercise to get you out of your shell as well. The entire process took less than a minute for most subjects. After the photos were taken they were asked to sign a release and to provide an email address. High res files were sent to the people who signed the release as a way of saying thank you for participating.

How it was shot
Remember, this is an exercise so you need to have your settings/camera ready to go prior to the shoot. I metered for the background to see exactly how the exposure was reading. Once I had the F/stop (F/11 in this case) where I thought the exposure looked good it was time to bring the level of the flash up to a nice exposure. I had a few of my classmates with me and I used one as a test subject. I did not have my light meter with me at the time. Just going off the back of the camera (chimping) to see how the images looked. Keep in mind, you need to make adjustments on the “fly” so to speak. Depending on the persons skin tones, a little more light might be needed… or a little less.

The main light was the Ranger RX/AS pack with an “S” head and the Elinchrom 39″ deep octa for the modifier. A 42″ reflector was used on the right to provide a little additional fill. The light was placed about 3-4 feet from the subjects to camera left. I try to position the modifier where the center is about 6 inches above the persons eyes and pointed down at about a 45 degree angle. The reflector was about 2 feet from the subject and this helped fill in the shadows a little. Using the white side of the reflector, the silver side was a little much for these shots. I should mention the subject was placed with his back to the sun. The sun is providing the rim light on his shoulders.

All in all… it was a fun exercise and it really helps you become comfortable with interacting with your subjects. If you can walk up to a complete stranger, talk them through a quick shoot, you will not have any trouble when it comes to working with the people who hire you.

Camera settings
Keep in mind, from the lighting to the camera settings, your shots and settings will be different. This is just a baseline for where I started with the shots, yours of course will be different depending on the scene and the subject.

ISO 100
1/25th a sec
85mm F/1.2 MK2
Canon 5D2

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