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Submitted on December 13, 2011

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W. B. DeCoteau

wonderful photo - thanks for sharing!!! Just curious, how were you able to get a 1/320 shutter speed while using a flash? I thought most max snyc speeds were ~1/200.

Posted 10 years ago   

Benjamin Sant  

The D-300 and most Nikon DSLR's have a sync speed of 1/250. Each one has its own personality and I lucked out with mine as I can get to near 1/400 before seeing a shutter curtain

Posted 10 years ago   

Tomasz Staśko


Posted 10 years ago   

Wojciech Zyguła

Beautiful girl, and very nice, warm shot.

Posted 10 years ago   

W. B. DeCoteau

Thanks for the response, Ben! I'll have to try pushing mine and see what I can get. Cheers

Posted 10 years ago   

Ronald de Bie

If you trigger the quadra with the PW and there latest update software, you can trigger up to 1/3200

Posted 10 years ago   

Nathan Chilton

I wish my camera would do that. Pentax cameras won't even let you try to go above the max sync speed -- they just don't even try to trigger the flash when you are beyond the limit.

Posted 10 years ago   

Paul Samaniego

very well done

Posted 10 years ago   

Puneet Dembla

This is difference between canon and nikon, their 5D mk2 shits all over at 1/160, though it is supposed to do well till 1/200, But nikon they go up to 1/320 though they are supposed to go up till 1/250. Nikon makes camera's with great passion !

Posted 10 years ago   

1/320 sec.


ISO: 200

Focal Length

240 mm

Exposure Bias




Lights Used

Bounce Umbrella



Additional Notes

Simple One-Light Setup: An Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with a 43" Reflective Umbrella. Ratios balanced with ambient light.

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