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Submitted on November 06, 2011

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Martin Liew

Nice portrait. She got a great smile.

Your snoot strobe is set to 1/32 flash power, it wouldn't be enough for rim highlights on her hair and left shoulder.. The main light flash power is set at 1/8 on each strobe which adds up to 1/4 power on the 80x80cm softbox, and shooting at f/2.8 ISO400, wouldn't the picture be over-exposed?

I was wondering if you have input wrongly on the strobist notes.

Posted 10 years ago   

Tomek Nowak  

hello Martin,
strobist notes are inputed correctly.
as you know a snoot is a direct lightsource so it needs much less power than a bounced flash. those two used as a main light were first bounced off my softbox reflector, and then the light went through the softbox diffuser. thats why the light lost so much on its power.
as you also know distances from the subject are also important. in this example the main light was approx. 2.5m from the subject, the snoot approx. 1.5-2m.
have a notice that the snoot light is very gentle.

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ISO: 400

Focal Length


Exposure Bias




Lights Used

Regular Flash



Additional Notes

A friend of mine is a Zumba instructor. She asked for some photos ;)
The light used in this photo was:
1) 2xYN465 into 80x80cm softbox, both of them set to 1/8 power
2) a snooted YN465 set to 1/32 power.

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