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Submitted on September 02, 2010

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Jānis Lanka

This is good! Wish I could see her face just a bit more.

Posted 9 years ago   

Joseph Catalano

Really cool shot, what did you do in post? How'd you pick that shutter speed?

Posted 9 years ago   


How did you freeze the water like that at 1/125? Very nice image, I do agree that it would be good to see more face though.

Posted 9 years ago   

mario gomez

what type of flash do you use, for freeze the water. Strobo or flash gun

Posted 9 years ago   

Moritz Schwertner

The Flash duration makes the water freeze like this. In a completely dark environment, any flash set lower than 1/32 of the power, the flash duration will be about 8 times (!!!) faster then the shutter speed.

Just look it up in your Manual!

Posted 9 years ago   

Jeronimo Cerimedo  

That´s right Moritz the flash make the trick. I do agree that it would be good to see more face, but I prioritize the splash over the face, in the shot selection. It has almost no post. There was two firends with pails on each side.

Posted 9 years ago   

Jim Williams

Nice effect (although I am glad I was not the one who had to clean up afterward!)

Did you have to do anything special to shield the flash units from the water?

Posted 9 years ago   

Infocus Foto Studio

absolutly cool, i should try it. thanks for the post and info, very useful

Posted 9 years ago   

1/125 sec.


ISO: 400

Focal Length

34 mm

Exposure Bias



Canon EOS 20D

Lights Used




Additional Notes

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