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Submitted on August 22, 2010

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Darko VonPavlovic

I love it. Maybe just to central composition, but otherwise great lightning.
Did you take photos of people who just passed by?
Regards, Darko

Posted 11 years ago   

Meder Kydyraliev  

yes, we offer people that pass by to take photos.

Posted 11 years ago   

Andy Shelton

Nice portrait! I like the simplicity of her sitting there against a kind of busy background. The way everything else is just happening as if she isn't there...really dig it!

Posted 11 years ago   

Dan M

I Love it! great colors

Posted 11 years ago   

Benjamin Liersch

Nice picture and very nice idea/project!

Posted 10 years ago   



ISO: 800

Focal Length


Exposure Bias



5d mkII

Lights Used

Bounce Umbrella
Regular Flash



Additional Notes

"Take A Seat" street studio: put a chair and offer people to have their photo taken for free. More photos:

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