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Peter Prazenka  |  View Profile

Submitted on December 06, 2010

18 Comments | Favored by 28 | Views 6813


Davor Ivanovic

what a mess!
but love the result.

Posted 4 years ago   

Misha Alaev

Man this photo is like WOW!

Posted 4 years ago   

IVOlution !!!

Hahahaha...nicely done!

Posted 4 years ago   

Peter Prazenka  

Thanks a lot.

Posted 4 years ago   

Peter Bajnoci

How did you manage such a shutter speed?

Posted 4 years ago   

Peter Prazenka  

with pop up flash as a master and HHS - high speed sync. AM58 and AM42 they have this option.

Posted 4 years ago   

Ivana Jurcic

Love the setup :)

Posted 4 years ago   

Hafsah Fallatah

very well done

Posted 4 years ago   

Shahram Mirkhani

Great job! I really enjoyed...

Posted 4 years ago   

Ilka Antonova

hhaha it's really great to see the backstage, but the result is stunning! Regards, ilka

Posted 4 years ago   

Carlos Estrada

Great shot!!!!

Posted 4 years ago   

Andrew Balongo Opere

Killer shot! Could you break down what you used? Like the clamps and what brand of suckers you used?

Posted 4 years ago   

Deniz Enül


Posted 4 years ago   

Peter Prazenka  

Andrew thanks for comment. On the right side it is fat Geco from Delkin. They have two types - with one suction platform and with two. I believe two is much better. When im using on the driving car, i feel little bit safer.
On the left side is Manfrotto super clamp, it can hold up to 15kg, very useful very powerful. over that is Manfrotto umbrella holder, where is my flash mounted.
Thats all

Posted 4 years ago   

Bdk Omd

The great done.

Posted 3 years ago   

Robert Kashmiri

Revelation ! Fantastic "setup" !

Posted 3 years ago   

McSens Ferren

Great!!! Love the colors, really hard to capture this moment; Milk everywhere !!!! haha
RN shot !

Posted 3 years ago   

Jan Wenda

Love it!! :-)

Posted 2 years ago   



ISO: 100

Focal Length


Exposure Bias




Lights Used

Regular Flash



Additional Notes

"orbis™ contest"

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