The Problem

Lighting is one of the key factors to consider when taking a good photo. And even though we all know a great shot when we see one, it’s often difficult to understand just how it was lit. Until now, photos didn’t come with details of the lighting scheme.

Our Solution

Strobox is a place for all types of photographers to share how they set up that amazing photo! The easiest way to learn is to look at photos and their lighting diagrams so you can see for yourself how they were created.

Goal we are hoping to achieve

We believe in sharing knowledge. Strobox is designed to do just that—provide a space for photographers to share and learn professional lighting techniques. Our hope is that everyone can gain insight into the great work of contemporary top-class photographers from all over the world. When you learn something, we’ve done well.

Who is involved?

Strobox is a community site and therefore anyone who has added a photo or a comment is to be considered as contributor. However, certain individuals have done a bit more to bring this to you:

How to contact you?

For any inquiries, questions, or comments send us an email to Alternatively, you can also contact us through Twitter or Facebook.